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   Beach Nourishment Project Update             

 Powerpoint presentation by Michael Poff, Coastal Engineering Consultant

April 9, 2019 SMSKA Meeting

Intro letter by the Charlotte County staff describing what the construction easement agreement is about.

CC_Copy of CoverLetter_Mailed-Feb22 2019.pdf


Sample of construction easement agreement sent to each shoreline owner on Manasota Key (Charlotte County) to  sign and notarize.

     CC_Copy of Easement Agreement_Mailed.pdf

August 24, 2018

Subject: 10 Year Beach Renourishment Project - Public Notice - Permit Application Number SAJ-1994-05200(SP-ACM)


Some of you may have received a letter regarding the subject. If so, there was a couple of errors in that letter, specifically Allison's contact phone number and the actually number of the notice. See attached link, and click on "graphics" to see the drawings.

Over the last two days I've talked to the Army Corp (Muriel Blaisdell) as well as Coastal Engineering (Michael Poff) to get some further details. I'm sure that some of you (ie. Tommy and Damian) are all over this so, no news, but for others I'm sure that you're not up on all the details. In a nutshell, no big issues, but some key points to be aware of, as I gleaned from my telcos with Muriel and Michael. If you have concerns or inputs, you need to advise Allison and/or Muriel by email by September 5th.

1) The project will be put to contractors (a small number as this is quite specialized) to bid come next summer and the project is expected to start November 1/19 and run to April 30/20. The contractors could complete this project in 3 months, if they choose and weather permitting. They won't conduct the project during turtle season. Attempting to do so, would very well create further delays to this project by environmental parties. Apparently, Manasota Key is one of the most dense turtle egg laying areas in Florida. 

2) When the contractors start, they can work 24x7. When asked about noise at night, Michael said that they would try to minimize (turn off back up enunciators, not run heavy equipment, etc). He will try to come up with a decibel level comparison to bands playing at the White Elephant, etc., as a reference point.

3) On the drawings, you can see that they have drawn mean high water lines as of October/17. Michael said that this will not translate into an ECL (erosion control line). Surveys will be done 6 months prior to project start date (Nov. 1/19), or May 1/19 or later to determine the ECL.

4) Our residence (1820 Gulf Blvd.) is located just south beside the monument marker R11. You can see that the proposed pipeline corridor comes into the beach between R11 and R13. As explained by Michael, the pipeline will come in and then continue on to the north and the south. The heavy equipment will follow along with the pipeline construction. I thought that we would be at "ground zero" and a busy traffic intersection. Apparently that won't be the case, as the equipment goes with the pipeline. When asked why this intersection point, Michael explained that it's the only none hard bottom section on the Key, south of the Charlotte County line. Any where near the "construction access and staging area" will be busy on a daily basis.

5) Michael indicated that Charlotte County still does not have property access sign offs from a number of beach front owners, south of R13 (around the Shoreview Drive/Gulf Blvd. intersection). This could impact the completion of this project, south of R13, should they continue to refuse to grant access by the County and contractors. We need to try to keep working on these folks, for the greater good of the community and the Key.

That's about it.....if you have specific questions you can try the following contacts:

Michael Poff - Coastal Engineering Consultants - - (239) 643-2324 ext 126

Allison Murphy - Army Corp - - (239) 334-1975 ext 0008

Muriel Blaisdell - Army Corp - - (239) 334-1975 ext 0001

Les Markiewicz

SMSKA, Beach Nourishment Committee Co-Chair

NEW Permit Application Number SAJ-1994-05200(SP-ACM) for Beach Renourishment

(30 pages including 10 year plan management drawings) August 24, 2018


Final Presentation to Board of County Commissioners Peter A. Ravella, Principal PAR Consulting, July 19, 2018 

                                         Charlotte, Sarasota team for Sand (ENGLEWOOD SUN ARTICLE-January 6, 2018)

Please participate: write to our state legislators about beach re-nourishment.

Sample letter to Marco Rubio

Sample letter to Tom Rooney

Sample letter to Bill Nelson

Please participate: email Charlotte county legislators about beach re-nourishment.

Sample Letter to email Our Commissioners: ( click on addresses below)

  I am a resident/homeowner on Manasota Key. I urge the Commissioners to expand the boundaries of the Integrated Shorelines Management MSTU beyond West County to include all of Charlotte County. The beaches, both public and private, on Manasota Key are a prime economic contributor and asset to Charlotte County. Our beaches are the reason people come to visit, play and live here.

Even the City of Punta Gorda advertises Englewood Beach as a prime tourist attraction. The South Gulf Cove Homeowners Association, Cape Haze Homeowners Association, Rotonda Homeowners Association and the South Manasota Sandpiper Key Association all support the idea of a tiered tax structure with those directly on the beach paying the most and so on down the line. I believe this is the most equitable approach. It addresses the fact that the beaches of Manasota Key are vital to the lifestyle we enjoy here in Charlotte County.

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