Our vision for this wonderful duo of barrier islands is to be a friendly place, welcoming to landowners, tenants, and visitors alike. We wish to preserve the scenery, ecology, ambiance, culture and casual beach lifestyle that is unique among coastal communities. We envision this land and its surrounding waters to be kept clean, accessible, and environmentally sound, thus promoting natural wildlife and casual recreation. We will be hospitable to our off-island neighbors who want to enjoy the beaches, businesses and amenities that abound here. We wish to continue the limitations on tall buildings and commercial areas as to preserve the views and privacy of others and to retain the density restrictions in order to limit the total population of both keys. We see an engaged community that works with local government to achieve our best interests. Finally, we will not challenge the rights of property owners who seek to develop their properties without harm to their neighbors and within the existing codes and zoning. We treasure all residents and guests who work toward improving the look, feel, and health of this prized spit-of-land.


Comprehensive Plan on Sidewalks and Lighting

    • 2nd (North) and 3rd Phase (Commercial)

Beach Nourishment Maintenance

    • Private vs Public Property Clarification/Collaboration
    • Hot Spots & Steep Slope Repairs


    • Electronic Payment
    • Directory Options
    • Marketing & Promotion
    • On-line Discussion Forum (Social Media Coordinator?)

Public Parking

    • No Overnight Parking
    • Off Island Option
    • EV Charging stations

Safety and Security of our Key(s)

    • Neighborhood Watch
      - Crime
      - Communications/Alerts
      - Squatters
    • Beach Patrol
      - CC 
      Sheriff or Parks and Rec involvement and/or presence
      - Private Patrol

Red Tide

    • Biological Debris Removal
    • County involvement (Legislative Bills on Water Quality)
    • Residents involvement (Mini Reefs, GCORR & Clam Seeding)

Zoning Conflicts to Overlay Code

    • Advisory Board oversight
    • Variance Restrictions
    • Low Density Development
    • County Zoning and Planning Board Relationship

Water Quality and Management

    • Information Board at Public Beach (online too?)
    • “Plastic Free” initiative
    • Drainage

Beautification of our Key(s)

    • Roundabout
    • Commercial Area

Abandoned and Derelict Boats

Inter-Key Transportation

    • Stumpy’s or equivalent
      - Staging Area
      - Pickup Areas
      - County Contribution
    • Individual Golf carts
    • Charlotte County Transit

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